Scientific programme

We are very proud to announce the scientific programme, that you can find here (subject to change).


Bridging Evidence and Clinical Practice


We wish to highlight evidence in hernia surgery under the overall theme focusing on why I do it? rather than how I do it? In up to three parallel sessions during the four-day congress, we aim for key opinion leaders and experts as well as rising stars to broaden our view on the importance of the abdominal wall and conditions that might interfere with its function.

Sessions dealing with a specific subject area will be presented reaching from basic to complex situations. Chairpersons are highly reputed colleagues who are used to stimulate and generate proactive discussions to highlight pros and cons reflecting different opinions. Apart from presenting a mixture of key-note lectures, invited oral presentations, pro-et-con presentations and case-based interactive sessions, we aim for enough time for fruitful panel discussions and active participation of the audience.

All hernia clinicians and scientists around the globe are most welcome to Copenhagen! We will enjoy hosting you all.

Confirmed speakers

  • Andresen, Kristoffer (DK)
  • Augenstein, Vedra (USA)
  • Berrevoet, Frederik (B)
  • Bisgaard, Thue (DK)
  • Boermeester, Marja (NL)
  • Boure, Ludovic (USA)
  • Burdakov, Vladislav Alexandrovich (RUS)
  • Dahlstrand, Ursula (S)
  • Deerenberg, Eva Barbara (NL)
  • Dietz, Ulrich (CH)
  • Fortelny, René (A)
  • Friis-Andersen, Hans (DK)
  • Garcia-Ureña, Miguel (E)
  • Gram-Hanssen, Anders (DK)
  • Green, Charlotte (DK)
  • Gögenur, Ismail (DK)
  • Gök, Hakan (TR)
  • Helgstrand, Frederik (DK)
  • Helgstrand, Kristina (DK)
  • Henniford, Todd (USA)
  • Henriksen, Nadia (DK)
  • Hoffmann, Henry (CH)
  • Hölmich, Per (DK)
  • Jensen, Kristian Kiim (DK)
  • Jorgensen, Lars Nannestad (DK)
  • Krogsgaard, Marianne (DK)
  • Köckerling, Ferdinand (D)
  • Lange, Johan (NL)
  • López-Cano, Manuel (E)
  • Lorenz, Ralph (D)
  • Miserez, Mark (B)
  • Montgomery, Agneta (S)
  • Morales-Conde, Salvador (E)
  • Muysoms, Filip (B)
  • Niebuhr, Henning (D)
  • Oma, Erling (DK)
  • Pawlak, Maciej (UK)
  • Petersson, Ulf (S)
  • Poulose, Benjamin K (USA)
  • Radu, Victor (RO)
  • Rogmark, Peder (S)
  • Rosenberg, Jacob (DK)
  • Sanders, David (UK)
  • Sheen, Aali (UK)
  • Simons, Maarten (NL)
  • Slade, Dominic (UK)
  • Smart, Neil (UK)
  • Tolstrup, Mai-Britt (DK)
  • Towfigh, Shirin (USA)
  • van den Heuvel, Baukje (NL)
  • van Ramshorst, Gabrielle (NL)
  • van Wingerden, Jan-Paul (NL)
  • Willaume, Mette (DK)
  • Young, Nathalie (S)
  • Österberg, Johanna (S)