Hernia International – The Kamutur (Uganda) Ambulance Project

Timeline: Commissioning a second-hand, re-conditioned Ambulance by January 2022 

Location: Holy Innocents Hospital, Kamutur, Uganda  

Address: Kamutur, Sub County of Bukedea District, P.O. Box 2247, Mbale. 

Bukedea District is not exceptional in Uganda: absolute poverty (equivalent to US$1.90 per person per day) exists in 54% of the population and 20% are malnourished and in hunger. Kamutur Sub County is a particularly seriously affected area and includes the villages of Tajar, Kocus, and Busano which are served by the Holy Innocents Hospital; formerly Holy innocents Health Centre [HIHC]. HIHC is transitioning to a model rural hospital. The current modes of transport are by foot (patients) or pedal bike (community healthcare workers who received donated bikes through a recent fund-raiser). 

To deliver timely and effective care, an Ambulance is urgently required in order to safely transport patients to and from the Mbale and Soroti regional referral hospitals. Furthermore this ambulance would facilitate the support of medical teams such as Hernia International, to collect patients and transfer team members on arrival in Uganda, and from their accommodation each day to Holy Innocents Hospital. Better quality care would be delivered to our highly at-risk communities. 

Project goals:

  1. There are four main goals for The Kamutur Ambulance: 
  2. The Ambulance will prioritise Emergency Transfers, increasing the number of trauma patients treated within the “golden hour”. 
  3. Outpatient services will be enhanced by targeting patients from remote villages. There is capacity for at least 80 patients to attend daily. The most vulnerable group, likely to achieve the most benefit, will be children particularly for immunization against the six killer diseases. 
  4. The support of Outreach Services by community healthcare workers will be increase by avoiding the need for time-consuming travel by foot or pedal bike. 
  5. The transfer of Humanitarian Healthcare Workers and their patients.

An Ambulance is an essential commodity for conducting distant mobilizations, trainings, sensitization and effective monitoring of community healthcare support activities, which will eventually create a positive change in the life of vulnerable groups in our community.

Calendar 2021

Kamutur Village

Ward Round Holy Innocents Hospital, Kamutur

Local contact:  Moses  Aisia , Executive  Director 
Tel: 257 – 772 663223 
In partnership with Hernia International