COVID-19 Information

We are looking forward to welcome attendees from around the world. However, we are aware that the on-going pandemic can be a challenge for some nationalities to enter Denmark. We strongly recommend all attendees refer to the guidance issued by the Danish Authorities where you will be able to find all the updated information about COVID-19 restrictions for entering Denmark. Links to this information are provided below:

Entering Denmark

All countries and regions in the world are categorised into four categories: green, yellow, orange and red. Countries and regions are classified weekly on the basis of the prevailing health situation in each individual country and region. 

See the list of countries here:

The rules also depend on whether you are travelling on a negative test, whether you have been vaccinated or previously infected with COVID-19, on your country of residence, where you are travelling from and where you have spent the past 10 days. 

See information about rules and restrictions here:

General rules 

Here you can find information about when you need to wear a face mask and other general rules: 

Vaccination in Denmark

In Denmark, 3.7 million have received the first vaccine dosis against COVID-19 and 4.3 million are fully vaccinated (data from August, 13). The current population of Denmark is 5.8 million. 

Denmark is furthermore one of the countries with the highest number of vaccinated people in the world: See COVID-19 vaccination per. country here.